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As a lifetime environmentalist our founder Aileen Julia decided to turn her passion for the planet into a mission to save Mother Earth from destruction by teaching others about the natural living and creating compassion for all the worlds children.  For decades she has been educating others about ways to live in harmony with the environment and advocating for the ethical treatment of animals often petitioning for better legislature and continuing to do research to learn even more in order to help others. 

A mother herself, she became increasingly concerned about the state of the oceans and the pollution that government was turning its back on by deregulating environmental protections and allowing the use of toxic chemicals while continuing to create more.  After learning about how little was actually being recycled despite the technology, she became determined to make a difference.  Making it a personal mission, she decided to created LOVE OUR MOTHER in honor of the care we need to correct the path we are on so we may preserve our Mother Earth for our children and their children as well.


We educate others on a variety of ecologically friendly ways to live healthier, sustainably and embrace all of natures abundance and work on other solution's to improve conditions of the Earth for everyone so we may all live better lives as a result. These interests include improving the food industry on all levels and educating others about the reality of the industrial farms that have taken over our lands in order to produce low quality foods at a high physical health cost while causing massive suffering and cruelty to all involved. 

Improving access to ecologically friendly products and continuing to advocate for these superior products to take a precedent in our lives in place of low cost toxic alternatives with hidden health risks.  We are aware of a variety of products in the marketplace today which are extremely hazardous to health and often regardless of the knowledge of how harmful they are they continue to be sold, even if there is multiple lawsuits against these companies or products for damages. We believe health should take priority over profits in every industry.

When we discovered only 9% of plastic is being recycled globally we decided to make it our mission is to spearhead the recycling issue and get to the root of why so little plastic is being recycled.  How we are being deceived and why this garbage is being shipped to other countries to burn and create unsafe living conditions. While creating solutions to correct this issue and solve the problem so we can begin to remove all the trillions of tons of plastic that is being discarded everywhere. Which is killing wildlife and often causing cancer or birth defects due to the leaching of toxic chemicals inside of the plastic.

We need to create a Sustainable Society where we live together in harmony, improve the lands we live on and cherish our Mother Earth teaching others to live in peace, care for animals instead of exploiting them and promote health while utilizing the brilliant technology we have available for modern living with renewable's.


Please help us make the world a better place and LOVE OUR MOTHER! 

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