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From the Great Pacific Garbage patch to hearing about how whole ships of plastic are stuck in limbo crossing the oceans trying to find a place for them to be accepted we have a serious and monumental undertaking ahead of us.

While there are organizations out there that are starting to combat the systematic issue of plastics being discarded in the ocean more needs to be done.   I intend to get to the root of the problem and solve it by creating value in all this plastic that we have been so carelessly tossing away.

Research needs to be done to solve the recycling myth that is being told to us.  The technology exists, why isn't it being used?  We need plastic recycling centers in every city in every country and we need to be able to turn all this discarded plastic into new life by finding other purpose and it needs to be done without creating more pollution.

We intend to spearhead the investigation into what is happening with all the recycling and create consumer solutions as well as new ways to create a demand for recyclable materials.

We also need to create  and make accessible environmentally friendly products that fill the need plastic is serving, like hemp plastics,  seaweed cellulose and silicone wrappings.


Right now we have an overabundance of low quality foods, and millions are starving despite the US throwing away about 40% of all the food it produces every year.

We need to address the many ways our food system has lost it's way.  Not only is food quality continuing to decline, but so is the treatment of livestock.  The agricultural industry is a huge polluter and is also ravaging both ancient forests and the Amazon in the search for more land to produce products we don't even need.

The whole system needs an overhaul to be less wasteful, more compassionate and less destructive.  We now know that over use of pesticides and chemicals is harmful to the environment, wildlife and people so we need to be finding other ways to create healthy foods to improve the livelihoods of everyone.


Living Vegan is the biggest single factor a person can make into reducing their carbon foot print. Refusing to support industries that are actively destroying the environment, causing suffering and contributing the climate change. Reduces the harm we are inflicting on the planet and other sentient beings.



Buy non-toxic and natural products.

There are so many great companies that are creating products to fill the need to have more environmentally friendly living solutions from bamboo cookware and utensils to recycled toilet paper.  Here we will discuss these innovative solutions at length and promote the companies that are creating them.


Every year we are discovering new innovations like Hempcrete and Non-toxic paint.  I believe that more products are necessary and accessibility to these products need to be improved.  Big stores are starting to take notice but more needs to be done.


All of us should be trying to find ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  They will not always be an abundance and there is a variety of negative effects from using these resources from our already depleted planet.

Solar power solutions.  We need to be advancing the availability of solar power so every consumer can utilize its advantages  if they wish to.

Wind power, can also be used more efficiently as blade-less technology develops more there will cease to be any drawbacks to having this near homes or animals.

Hydro-power, though already in use in some major cities abroad if there was the ability to harness the natural forces behind water it should be encouraged.  Hydro-power was very common 100 years ago and now is barely used.

Geo-thermal heating and cooling systems, should be the natural go to for all home owners.  Yes the initial cost is more then an oil or gas system but you don't use fossil fuels and it can last a lifetime instead of needing replacement every 10 years.


Water is life, water is everything, without water we will all die.  Our oceans make up around 70% of our planet and also contribute to creating more oxygen then our rainforests but many countries have been using our waterways as garbage dumping grounds for far too long.  Trillions of tons of plastic have made their way into our oceans and many countries just keep dumping.  Cruise ships still empty their garbage holds in the sea despite it being illegal and no one is holding anyone accountable.

Water protection and preservation should be a top priority for every country in the world.  We cannot let corruption and laziness destroy our precious water.


Hemp is not the same plant as the Cannabis plant that people smoke and contains no psychoactive substances . Hemp is an incredible plant which has hundreds of uses and was previously used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples before it was banned in the early 19th century.


Hemp can be used to make paper products, clothing, oils, medicine, food, building products and materials it is quite possibly the most amazing plant that Mother Earth has created and we believe we should be utilizing this amazing resource which grows quickly, needs no pesticides and does no ecological damage. 

See more about Hempcrete in our Eco-Friendly Building materials section.


In the 1800's the invention of the first cars began starting with steam powered, then electric and finally gasoline and diesel. For several more decades the source of what powered vehicles would continue to clash as the push for more speed and power accelerated.

We have now gone  beyond the peak of oil driven vehicle technology.  Millions of electric cars are now being sold in increasing numbers every year as the public tires of our dependence on fossil fuels and the destruction that is causes.

Evolving methods are continuing to be explored as alternatives to traditional fuel as we push into the 21ist century.  The public is increasingly more open to any and all options that take us away from the gas pump, despite corporations trying to keep us reliant on their products. 

There is now, electric, hydrogen, bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, natural gas, propane and p-series fuels.   The demand for renewable energy sources that are clean and easy to manufacture keeps growing.  There was also a car that ran on water but due to unknown forces its production was limited or scrapped.  There was also rumor of garbage and sugar cane powered cars. 

We hope that as time progresses we see more options on the market for different fuel sources.

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