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Sustainable Living

it is so exciting to discover all the different companies trying to improve our quality of living with new sustainable innovations. . From companies that make growing your own food easier at home, to going zero waste with no packaging or plastic we can all find ways to improve our life style, spend less and feel richer by living clean.

Lets start with gardening. Being less reliant on the supermarket to buy your food is a great feeling.  Even if you don't have a yard you can do alot with pots and containers as well as fun up-cycled waste to grow your own.

Personally I have four raised beds and about twenty pots I grow organic heirloom veggies in every year as well as a perennial herb garden.  My kids love helping get the gardens growing every spring and we get fresh food all the way up till winter, whats not  to love. We also compost all our food scraps out to the birds and wilderness creatures.  Many people build a compost frame for their scraps which is very helpful or there is now great indoor composting bins which make fertilizer fast.  I have to get my hands on one of them.

Here are some companies that are creating products to help the home gardener. 

Eco garden systems

Raised garden beds for  the whole family.


Container gardening systems

Tower Garden

Vertical aeroponic gardening

Rise Gardens

Sophisticated indoor gardening furniture with an app that helps you know what to do next.


Then there are smaller systems like Smart Garden 3, Aero Garden, Wallygro, Back to roots water garden, HydroFarm,  Mr. Stacky Smart farm, SunBlaster mini greenhouse, Back to roots organic mushroom growing kit.

Indoor Composting:

Whether you want to go big and get a Zera Food recycler or a Food Cycler which will automatically make composting in your kitchen with your food waste or just go old school with a countertop composting bin there are many options to turn those food scraps into the perfect free fertilizer for your new gardens.


When it comes to making your kitchen more sustainable we have so many options. Many are innovations from times past and others are new and exciting inventions to making our lives easier.

Lets start with bamboo, one of my favorite cooking swaps.  I love cooking with bamboo spatulas and spoons.  They are heat resistant, strong and a long lasting material.  Bamboo is sustainable because of how fast it grows, so it is easily replaced and considered invasive in many area's so using bamboo is actually helping to maintain a healthy environment y using it.

Many people also enjoy bamboo utensils for eating and carry them around in a purse or otherwise so they do not have to use disposable cutlery when they go out.

Then there is stainless steal and cast iron, both are long lasting material for pans and pots.

Glass containers can be used for storage and serving.

Then there is silica, a new material for covering our leftovers, lids, keeping our sandwiches like stasher.


Being in the bathroom is getting more luxurious by the day.  There are so many options. I start my day with recycled toilet paper by Earth First and use some vegan soap that I have made at home with some simple essential oils and argan oil for extra softness.  I moisturize my skin with argan oil and use organic shampoo and conditioner.  My kids use organic soap and shampoo for their sensitive skin and other people are getting into shampoo and conditioning hair bars, others make their own.

Natural deodorant is easy to make and there are other chemical free options out there that work well. I personally use JASON. My husband loves SHEA MOISTURE.

If you are a woman there is now organic pads and tampons, diva cups, panties that absorb moisture and some women make their own or buy reusable pads.


When it comes to cold season, you won't see me running off for chemical filled shots and pills. I am stocking up on whole foods and vitamins.  Using tasty herbal tea's and essential oils. Making natural chest creams and having hot baths with soaking salts and herbs.  We can learn alot from the ways we used to live before corporations took over our health.  I know my family feels better for it.


For the minimalist making their own laundry power is simple and saves alot of money. For others buying organic laundry detergent from companies like Seventh Generation is the way to go, just recycle those bottles after.  There is also eco-friendly laundry softener and drier sheets or products like wool balls with essential oils to keep your clothes fresh.


Minimalism is the act of reducing your possessions so what you do have can be used to its maximum potential. Ideas like donating your old clothes to charity, giving away other items as gifts and upcycling are all ways to be more minimalist.

Energy Efficiency:

If you haven't already it would be a good start to change over your light bulbs to long lasting LED's.

Take advantage of new appliances with energy star upgrades.

Unplug outlets from walls even you know you won't be using them.

If you are a home owner install new windows and upgrade to spray foam insulation for draft proof protection if you plant to stay long term.

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