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The Plastic Problem

Man-Made Plastics were first invented by Alexander Parkes in Birmingham England in 1856.  The first plastic was cellulose treated with nitric acid to create strength.  We have come a long way from there as most of our plastics are now made with petrochemicals.

Make no mistake, there is a abundance of other materials that could become plastic that would be safer for the environment but due to the low cost of using oil by-products we now have a huge amount of plastic waste that will not break down and is hazardous in nature when it becomes heated up.  It can also leach after long term exposure to food and water.

We need public pressure to create more demand for eco-plastics and uses for recyclable materials so that there is an increased value on recycling the waste we have.  While we also clean up the waste that is currently trashing our environment.

Beyond creating a sustainable society one of our main focuses as a non-profit is solving this plastic crisis by creating value in the plastic that is already in need of being recycled so that people WANT to recycle the plastic not just because it is good for the environment but because it will also improve their life in doing so.  We have some great ideas but we need your help into order to make this a reality and end the pollution of plastics in our environment.



Environment Pollution
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