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The Sustainable Society 


Eden Acres




IMAGINE waking up on a lovely sunny day and looking out at the forest. You walk down to your 8 am outdoor yoga class where you stretch those aching muscles out and warm up your body with the sunshine. Afterwards you walk over to the Cafe and get a plant based breakfast buffet with all your favorite things.

Then you walk down to the farm animal rescue and grab some fresh grass for your buddy Boris the bull. He is waiting for you and greets you with a nuzzle.  Afterwards you stop by the former death row dogs shelter and a new dog is ready for adoption.  You take one look at each other and you know its meant to be. You take him home to your brand new bungalow which was built with By-block. A sustainable housing material made into blocks by forming previously unrecyclable ocean plastics.  Your home is always the perfect temperature because of geothermal heating and cooling and you never have to worry about your electric bill because of your solar roof.

Later you stop by the Education center and take a class on creating your own natural skincare products.  You have an amazing dinner made with fresh produce grown right outside at the organic farm at the Bistro with your friends and then you walk over to the event hall and listen to a concert before finally heading home. It was another great day living at Eden Acres. 


Lets make these dreams a reality together!!




The Sustainable Society will be the first of its kind world class vegan sanctuary for both people and animals to cherish, support each other in harmony and enlighten others towards a positive mission to change our society and culture for the betterment of all of the Earth's creatures by educating others and rescuing those in need.

For a long time our history has been focused on selfish endeavors that only benefit small groups of people with a complete disregard to animals and the environment.  It is an "EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES" survival mentality which in the brutal times of the past may have been necessary but here in modern times it is callous and inconsiderate.

We want to Save the WORLD.  Yes, I truly wish to change the future for the better and I am prepared to lead and be the voice of Mother Earth in these desperate times.

We as a people are failing, and time is not on our side.  That is what has inspired me to make huge changes in my own life and finally come forward to educate others with decades of environmental and scientific research behind me.  It has been a labor of love and a topic I was always very interested in.

So it would be my great honor to create a place for a Sustainable Society to develop, explore and grow to unite others in our quest to create a future for the children of us all.

Find the Perfect Place

The first step in this process would be an acquisition of land at least 100 to 200 acres. It would have to be around 1.5 hours from Boston in the state of Massachusetts.  We want to be able to attract a variety of high quality educators, artists, musicians, families, individuals and business people of all varieties  to come together and lift each other up while supporting the environment and saving animals in the process. Massachusetts has always valued patriots, liberty and supportive communities and that is why it is a prime place for this to be developed.  My main area of search is currently around Wachusett mountain.

Build the Education Center

Constructed and designed around the land. As I am an artist, painter, gardener and designer I look forward to being inspired by the property and utilizing the natural materials that the Earth will give us.  Whether it be raw land or an old farm that needs saving. I fully intent to use every possible piece of natural materials on the property to create and build the community.  With an onsite lumber yard, mill and masonry building we can process these materials to create the center without having to buy what we already have available to us.  Other construction materials, like hempcrete, by-block ( recycled plastic blocks),  stone or anything significant and sustainable can be utilized. We will try and source all materials locally if possible.


We would begin by creating an office and shop, a Cafe-Bistro where we can teach others all the tips and tricks to making incredible gourmet food without any need for animal products.  That would also serve all of our meals. Which would be connected to a greenhouse, mushroom barns, fields and root cellars that could produce and store our own food year round.

The campus would flow around our education center and an event hall to host indoor speaking engagements and public announcements. It could also be utilized for other fundraising events like auctions, dance nights and small concerts.  We would also design an outdoor seating area which would be used as another area for speaking and teaching.

Additional outbuildings like a workshop, crafting room for upcycling, sewing and creating,  painting studio,  musicians hall, science building, landscaping garage, produce processing shed, offices, games room, and the shop for vegan goods produced onsite or from members. Health spa and salt water swimming pools, playgrounds, hiking trails. I would also like to create an onsite recycling center,  fuel converter and waste processing area aiming to be a zero waste community. Upcycling garbage, composting and creating from our waste.

Create a Neighborhood of Sustainability

A whole neighborhood with many different housing accommodations would surround the center in the form of a HOA from luxury eco-friendly housing all the way down to our Tiny Town where tiny homes could pull up and lease or buy a spot.  We would have to create various types of housing both for residential staff members to maintain the property, as well as a village for visitors to be a apart of the events and educational workshops that could be hosted here.  Part of the benefit of having a visitors village would be bringing additional income from the rentals of the various buildings which could support the non-profit.  An additonal dorm may be needed near the education center.

Ideally, I would also like to have enough land to have a concert stage area with enough space for parking several hundred cars.  Bringing musicians to perform and raise awareness to the incredible issues we are facing would be a huge bonus to the area as well as for fundraising.


Right now there is also an abundant need for housing for  neglected, abused and special need animals that have been abandoned and having somewhere they can go long term or just as a place in between till they find their forever home would be incredible.

From farm animals to dogs sitting on death row who need an emergency intervention to housing for wildlife that cannot be released back into the wild. I would like this to be a place where all displaced animals are welcome. So a large barn,  kennels for dogs and other animals would be needed.  We would space these facilities apart so the dogs would be less excitable about their neighbors. Wildlife housing could be created as needed.  The resident animals will become ambassadors of education towards sensitizing people to their value as companions and friends.

There are nearly endless possibilities to create programs that would benefit not only the local community but we would aim to reach out nationwide and internationally to bring the best people from around the world to teach a variety of knowledge to anyone that is interested.   We could also create a summer camp or day camp program to get kids or teens involved so they could grow up with access to positive people that could influence them to become incredible members of society.

The benefits to creating a unique property like this are infinite and I am sure more incredible opportunities will arise that can become a part of the cause so I hope you can join The Sustainable Society and support its creation.  The time to act is now. Donate or share and get involved.

The first fundraising goal is  1 million dollars for a land purchase and to begin engineering and permitting.

Give generously

Let's get this started!

Designs for Eden Acres

Sustainable living center

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